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Teaching Writing With Computers

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The Current Computer Labs

Using the Smartpanel in a Computer Lab

If you need instructions on how to use the Smartpanel in a computer lab, try

Reserving a Computer Lab

In order reserve a computer lab, first find which labs are available at Click on any particular lab you have in mind listed across the very top of the screen, then select a month a bit further down and scroll to the week in question.

Once you've found an empty time slot in a given lab, send e-mail to or call (530)752-8549. Requests for reservations can be submitted up to one year or four academic quarters (two summer sessions would count as one academic quarter) in advance, whichever is more. Please reserve the classroom at least two weeks prior to the start of the class.

You can also simply call "4-LABS," or 754-5227, and request classroom hours and info.


Teaching in a General Assignment Classroom without Computers

If you want to teach with technology (say, a laptop) in a traditional classroom without computers, check this site to determine the room's media capabilities. Just click on "Room Lookup" in the left-hand menu, then select your classroom from a pull-down list.

I have also put together some basic instructions on laptop hookup to a clasroom Smartpanel, as well as info on laptop projection and wireless access.



For complete computer lab information, visit the Teaching in Computer Classrooms site maintained by Computer Lab Management.

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